Friday, September 3, 2010

Chlorophyll Accumulation & Release

Photo: HWTM (They hung photos of the happy couple from the shrubs encircling the reception site!)

I have been away so long that my mind is swirling with all manner of greeneties. Incomplete, and in no particular order:
  • My first attempt at a candy buffet: Karen and John: T-minus 23 days and counting. Amy Atlas, you're me hero. Also, Hostess With the Mostest makes my day.
  • Hurricane Earl: Nature will not be tamed. The hatches have been battened by my Martha's Vineyard family, while I have become a Stormpulse groupie. 
  • Chicken coops: Stay tuned for coon-proof offerings from Captain Coop himself, Daddy Greene. Wondering if there might be a market for these on Etsy?
  • Bee-keeping. Honey bees are in danger, and that means WE are, too. Some people are doing something about it. (That's a teaser, BTW.)
  • Dating lessons from the Millenials: Apparently, voice mail went out with bootcut jeans and fitted tops. Email/text are the only respectful way to woo a lass. This non sequitur c/o a colleague's early-20s cousin, who needs her own blog on "boys" because she is hilarious.
  • Packing and purging (a friend's grandmother called it "inventory reduction) for a move from the 'burbs to the city: New home, fresh new adventure. Lightening the load frees my chi. Reused boxes from work keep it cheap and carbon-reduced. ZenFamilyHabits took the nuclear approach. I am not so hardcore, but I admire their courage. I am selling nothing. What I don't want, I am giving away. It's too much work to sell, my stuff's not worth much, and I give out of gratitude for all that has been given to me.
I searched Etsy for "chicken coop." Tourbabe Designs=genius!

I missed you, readers. All seven of you. Greene love! xx, CG