Friday, September 3, 2010

Chlorophyll Accumulation & Release

Photo: HWTM (They hung photos of the happy couple from the shrubs encircling the reception site!)

I have been away so long that my mind is swirling with all manner of greeneties. Incomplete, and in no particular order:
  • My first attempt at a candy buffet: Karen and John: T-minus 23 days and counting. Amy Atlas, you're me hero. Also, Hostess With the Mostest makes my day.
  • Hurricane Earl: Nature will not be tamed. The hatches have been battened by my Martha's Vineyard family, while I have become a Stormpulse groupie. 
  • Chicken coops: Stay tuned for coon-proof offerings from Captain Coop himself, Daddy Greene. Wondering if there might be a market for these on Etsy?
  • Bee-keeping. Honey bees are in danger, and that means WE are, too. Some people are doing something about it. (That's a teaser, BTW.)
  • Dating lessons from the Millenials: Apparently, voice mail went out with bootcut jeans and fitted tops. Email/text are the only respectful way to woo a lass. This non sequitur c/o a colleague's early-20s cousin, who needs her own blog on "boys" because she is hilarious.
  • Packing and purging (a friend's grandmother called it "inventory reduction) for a move from the 'burbs to the city: New home, fresh new adventure. Lightening the load frees my chi. Reused boxes from work keep it cheap and carbon-reduced. ZenFamilyHabits took the nuclear approach. I am not so hardcore, but I admire their courage. I am selling nothing. What I don't want, I am giving away. It's too much work to sell, my stuff's not worth much, and I give out of gratitude for all that has been given to me.
I searched Etsy for "chicken coop." Tourbabe Designs=genius!

I missed you, readers. All seven of you. Greene love! xx, CG


  1. Not as much as we missed you! Love that last photo of the chicken coop crown. Look at those eyes. Love you. -N

  2. Just reporting in that the coon-proof chicken coop is home to 12 new birds, 4 Hamphire Reds, 4 Wyandotts, and 4 Speckled Sussex. Cozy and safe - what else could a bird for?

    Love, Mom