Tuesday, August 24, 2010


...Is one allowed to take a second blog vacation, a mere 3 months after launching said blog? I hope so! I am collecting MUCHO post ideas, but am unable to convince myself to come in from the summer fun to write about them. Come fall, watch out, Greenesters! You won't know what hit you. Until then...

BeautyFullyUsed says, "Have a solar-powered drink on us!" and GimmeSomeOven (winner of this week's prize for cutest name) goes the mason jar route. Either, it's a cool sip of summertime. Enjoy!

Photo: GimmeSomeOven.com

PS: Happy Summer Birthday to Courtney Bassett at BFU!


  1. thanks for the link and birthday love, CG!

  2. No more vacations!! Or else, blog while on vacation! There is so much to be said!!!