Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pain for Vain?

This is yet another doom 'n' gloom post about chemical nastiness. Sorry to dwell! A huge part of being Greene is taking good care of ourselves, inside and out, so I think it's worthwhile to reflect on these questions. 

A friend asked me for suggestions about non-cell-destroying hair coloring options. She writes,

"I'm planning to get highlights later this month, but I'm scared! I offered to bring a special dye (Naturatint from into the salon but the stylist convinced me that wouldn't be a good idea since she's never worked with that dye before and I might pick a bad color. Guess I have some sacrifices to make for beauty, huh?"

Will I really be beautiful enough unless I risk all kinds of nasty side effects?

I had to admit that I routinely fry my locks, and potentially my health, with the good, old-fashioned (by which I mean, bad, potentially hazardous), Hard Stuff. I really hadn't given the subject much consideration.

According to this very comprehensive article from, it's something one might want to consider, or at least research. As an "enhanced" blonde, I take a wee bit of comfort in the article's assertion that darker dyes are more dangerous than lighter ones, but I know that's splitting hairs (sorry!).

Has anyone tried the less toxic coiffure options? I'm not surprised that the stylist took a pass on this one, because I'm sure she doesn't want to be responsible for any Rapunzelistic disasters. Does anyone know of salons that specialize in not giving us cancer?

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  1. I would try Aveda. Otherwise, I was planning on trying the Naturtint myself (they sell it at Whole Foods so i trust it) also it's on sale for 4 dollars off right now at WF. It got really good reviews from users on I have a few gray hairs since Roman was born!! Or I may just wait- they're kind of a badge of honor for my sleepless nights. :) It's sort of more the yucky fumes from the hard stuff that I don't like.