Monday, August 9, 2010

The Better World Shopper

I found this little volume of Greene-in-every-sense shopping tips on a friend's kitchen counter and proceeded to devour it on the spot. I couldn't put it down, and stood there flipping pages until I had a drawer-handle imprint on my tush and my head was swimming with new awarenesses about how my trip to the corner grocery store (oh, who am I kidding? Market Basket!), or my choice of airlines can have a significant effect on society and the earth.

It's a careful consumer's dream! Organized by category (LOTS of categories - cars to computers, pickles to pet care), in alphabetical order, this pocket-sizer offers a report card, from A to F, of major  manufacturers and vendors, some of whose ratings really surprised me. (Poland Spring, for shame! But, ladies, you'll be glad to know that Nordstrom's made the Nice List...)

I see that the Guide may be on the simplistic side, and author Ellis Jones (co-author of The Better World Handbook) admits as much. I mean, you can only fit so much research in your handbag and still have room for dental floss, lip stuff, and scribbled notes about future KIG posts. Seriously, since I've been blogging, I've had a chance to gather feedback from folks who see things a little differently than I (amazingly, there seems to be another side to the WalMart debate! More on that later.), and these conversations have been eye-opening.

Still, I appreciate this Cliff's Notes version of social and environmental heroes and rapscallions. It's cheap, it's reader-friendly, and it even comes with some handy Top Ten Lists. I'll skip the Corporate Devils, because they see their names in print enough, and, instead, I'll end with a shout-out to the heroes of detergent, decor, designer duds, and so much more.

Greenesters, give it up for:
Seventh Generation
Tom's of Maine (one astute high school pal likened the deodorant to "anchovie slime," but I love the mouthwash)
Dr. Bronner's (I guest-blogged about them here)
Ten Thousand Villages
World of Good

This list is in no particular order, mind you. It's just what jumped off the page at me. What? You want it spoon-fed? Buy the book!

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  1. I remember you telling me about this book and I definitely need to check it out. Thanks for linking to me, too!