Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Very Greene Earth Day To You!

"Everything is Connected"

Photo: The Island Institute

In honor of Earth Day, a shout-out to The Island Institute. For over 25 years, the Institute has helped sustain the year-round islands and coastal communities in the great state of Maine. (In related good news, it is now supported in that effort by recently-appointed Annual Fund Director Seth Taylor.*) More good news: there are pretty things to look at/purchase after the fold...
"Our perspective is fundamentally ecological, based on an understanding that all life is intimately linked with its environment; that people are therefore an inextricable part of the ecosystem..." 

Photo: The Island Institute

Many people know and love the Maine islands and maritime communities as pristine and beautiful vacation spots. Of course, life for locals can be a different (um...) kettle of fish. It takes serious thought and effort to maintain ecologic and economic health in places like Peaks Island, Matincus, Isle au Haut, and Swan's Island, and that's what the Institute is all about. It works humanitarian and environmental magic through many clever strategies that you can read about and support at

Want to be privy to all the new sugar? Sign up for The Working Waterfront, the Institute's cheerful, inspiring, slice-of-life-sharing monthly inter-island e-newsletter. 


In further celebration of The Day the Earth Got Love: unique, handmade art, craft and design shopportunities!

Archipelago helps island and Maine artists and artisans gain exposure and earn income. Sales advance efforts to sustain island communities. A few faves...

These totally remind me of fairy baskets...

“Evening Tide II” Basket by Towanda Brown

Island Basket by Towanda Brown

Who needs a GPS when you can let your accessories be your guide?

Map Bracelets by Cynthia Caldwell, Peaks Island, Maine

Do wind chimes drive you bonkers? Not me -- I love 'em, and the sea glass brings the ocean right to your backdoor.

Baxter Wind Chimes by Goose Rock Designs, Arundel, Maine

I simply cannot resist these little guys -- total harbingers of spring. Baaaah!

Needle-Felted Sheep by the appropriately-named Keely Felton, Vinalhaven, Maine

Compelled to connect, but have no more room on your shelf? You can simply make a charitable gift to the Island Institute. Which is really a gift to yourself and all of us.

* Seth's move to the Island Institute left many a sorely-charged Wellesley College heart, but we are grateful to him for guiding us to see and appreciate the nature-made splendor of our campus home. Cheers, Seth!

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