Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Greene for the Little Bean


I am completely enamored of this play-kitchen a friend created from recyclables to help her little guy learn his way around the most important room in the house. I love the time and care she took to do it. I love that almost no new materials were used. Of course, I love her color scheme (!), and, finally, I love that it's for a BOY. Granted, a fully-stocked weapons artillery might have been slightly more complicated to create from cardboard boxes, but, still, big ups to Courtney at beautyfullyused for giving her wee lad free reign to imagine his way through shopping, chopping, mixing, baking, broiling, scrubbing, and generally having a good ol' time alongside Mom and Dad in the heart of the home.

1 comment:

  1. I know, I love this too, I had seen it when Courtney posted it originally. I am envious (green with envy?!) and really want to make one- maybe after our next international move?! On a related side note, I have recently heard 3 mothers of boys say their husbands did not want their sons to play with kitchens. I am so glad I am not married to one of those men. How ridiculous can people be?