Sunday, June 12, 2011

Help 'Em Dig Their Own Grave

Introducing the KIG debut of Polybe + Seats, a theatrical collaborative which routinely knocks my socks off with its on-stage wizardry. Polybe brings together seemingly unrelated topics in unusual venues and makes it all make sense in the most unexpected ways. 

Next up: Alice, or the Scottish Gravediggers tackles body-snatching and medical experimentation (I know -- awesome, right?). I got a glimpse last winter, and my tummy is rumbling for more. 

Speaking of hunger, the Bread and Puppet folks say: "ART IS FOOD. You can't eat it, but it feeds you." Polybe is everything you want in your art-supper: organic, nutritious, and explode-in-your-mouth delicious. Also, I have known some of these people since we were hanging out on the steps of Milbank Hall at Barnard, and I am so friggin' proud of 'em, I could BURST. 

Of course, making theatre requires serious lettuce. Polybe has launched its first-ever "crowdfunding" campaign hosted by It's really a cute site -- you should take a look!

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