Sunday, June 13, 2010

Indian Hill Press

I played it cool last summer when bringing my grandmother to meet poet, printer, and printmaker Daniel Waters at the Vineyard Artisan's Festival, but, really, it was a Brush With Greatness (BWG)* for me.

I had always loved the tiny, often hilarious, hit-the-spot poems which used to pop up randomly on the pages of my hometown newspaper, mysteriously credited to “D.A.W.” Who was this masked rhymer? Why so shy? The rumors swirled. (Turns out, it’s a great story. Wicked awesome poems, too, huh?)

Mr. Waters has long since come uncloaked, founding and running Indian Hill Press and staying proudly, “out of step with the modern world.” (Then again, he’s on Facebook. At least my grandmother has held out.)

Take a gander at his gallery. Isn’t it like opening the window of your stuffy bedroom on a quiet June night and getting two lungsful of post-rain-shower freshness?

"Whoooo is D.A.W?"

*BWGs are uber-Greene, because they always make you that much more jazzed about being alive. This subject will get its own post someday soon.

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